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Immersive Virtual Reality in Health Care: Systematic Review of Technology and Disease States

JMIR Biomed Eng 2019;4(1):e15025

12882 86 29
Current Status and Future Challenges of Sleep Monitoring Systems: Systematic Review

JMIR Biomed Eng 2020;5(1):e20921

2659 1 17
Fingerprint Biometric System Hygiene and the Risk of COVID-19 Transmission

JMIR Biomed Eng 2020;5(1):e19623

19632 3 17
Determining the Accuracy of Oculus Touch Controllers for Motor Rehabilitation Applications Using Quantifiable Upper Limb Kinematics: Validation Study

JMIR Biomed Eng 2019;4(1):e12291

3925 7 17
A Six-Step Framework on Biomedical Signal Analysis for Tackling Noncommunicable Diseases: Current and Future Perspectives

JMIR Biomed Eng 2016;1(1):e1

120258 1 16
Measuring Heart Rate Variability in Free-Living Conditions Using Consumer-Grade Photoplethysmography: Validation Study

JMIR Biomed Eng 2020;5(1):e17355

2779 6 12
Motivations and Key Features for a Wearable Device for Continuous Monitoring of Breathing: A Web-Based Survey

JMIR Biomed Eng 2017;2(1):e1

80360 12 12
Heart Rate Monitoring Apps: Information for Engineers and Researchers About the New European Medical Devices Regulation 2017/745

JMIR Biomed Eng 2017;2(1):e2

78712 23 12
Factors That Contribute to the Use of Stroke Self-Rehabilitation Technologies: A Review

JMIR Biomed Eng 2019;4(1):e13732

2787 2 11
The Effects of Titanium Implant Surface Topography on Osseointegration: Literature Review

JMIR Biomed Eng 2019;4(1):e13237

3549 1 10
Measurement of Skin Induration Size Using Smartphone Images and Photogrammetric Reconstruction: Pilot Study

JMIR Biomed Eng 2017;2(1):e3

67673 13 10
Telerehabilitation for Patients With Knee Osteoarthritis: A Focused Review of Technologies and Teleservices

JMIR Biomed Eng 2020;5(1):e16991

4955 1 9
Robust Feature Engineering for Parkinson Disease Diagnosis: New Machine Learning Techniques

JMIR Biomed Eng 2020;5(1):e13611

2213 3 9
A Contact-Free, Ballistocardiography-Based Monitoring System (Emfit QS) for Measuring Nocturnal Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability: Validation Study

JMIR Biomed Eng 2020;5(1):e16620

3218 6 9
Wearable Bioimpedance Monitoring: Viewpoint for Application in Chronic Conditions

JMIR Biomed Eng 2021;6(2):e22911

3472 0 7
Longitudinal Magnetic Resonance Imaging as a Potential Correlate in the Diagnosis of Alzheimer Disease: Exploratory Data Analysis

JMIR Biomed Eng 2020;5(1):e14389

1212 1 6
Heart Rate and Oxygen Saturation Monitoring With a New Wearable Wireless Device in the Intensive Care Unit: Pilot Comparison Trial

JMIR Biomed Eng 2020;5(1):e18158

4759 1 6
Wireless Surface Electromyography and Skin Temperature Sensors for Biofeedback Treatment of Headache: Validation Study with Stationary Control Equipment

JMIR Biomed Eng 2018;3(1):e1

83211 3 5
Challenges and Opportunities in Collecting and Modeling Ambulatory Electrodermal Activity Data

JMIR Biomed Eng 2020;5(1):e17106

872 1 4
Predictors of Walking Activity in Patients With Systolic Heart Failure Equipped With a Step Counter: Randomized Controlled Trial

JMIR Biomed Eng 2020;5(1):e20776

696 2 3
Personalized Monitoring Model for Electrocardiogram Signals: Diagnostic Accuracy Study

JMIR Biomed Eng 2020;5(1):e24388

831 2 3
Automatic Near Real-Time Outlier Detection and Correction in Cardiac Interbeat Interval Series for Heart Rate Variability Analysis: Singular Spectrum Analysis-Based Approach

JMIR Biomed Eng 2019;4(1):e10740

2615 1 3
A Simple Ventilator Designed To Be Used in Shortage Crises: Construction and Verification Testing

JMIR Biomed Eng 2021;6(3):e26047

715 2 3
The Classification of Abnormal Hand Movement to Aid in Autism Detection: Machine Learning Study

JMIR Biomed Eng 2022;7(1):e33771

692 13 3
Dementia-Related Products on an e-Commerce Platform

JMIR Biomed Eng 2020;5(1):e17514

991 0 3

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