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Immersive Virtual Reality in Health Care: Systematic Review of Technology and Disease States

JMIR Biomed Eng 2019;4(1):e15025

12882 86 29
Perspectives of Orthopedic Surgeons on the Clinical Use of Bioprinted Cartilage: Qualitative Study

JMIR Biomed Eng 2019;4(1):e12148

2242 33 2
Heart Rate Monitoring Apps: Information for Engineers and Researchers About the New European Medical Devices Regulation 2017/745

JMIR Biomed Eng 2017;2(1):e2

78712 23 12
Effectiveness of the BreatheSuite Device in Assessing the Technique of Metered-Dose Inhalers: Validation Study

JMIR Biomed Eng 2021;6(4):e26556

1184 19 0
The Classification of Abnormal Hand Movement to Aid in Autism Detection: Machine Learning Study

JMIR Biomed Eng 2022;7(1):e33771

692 13 3
Measurement of Skin Induration Size Using Smartphone Images and Photogrammetric Reconstruction: Pilot Study

JMIR Biomed Eng 2017;2(1):e3

67673 13 10
Motivations and Key Features for a Wearable Device for Continuous Monitoring of Breathing: A Web-Based Survey

JMIR Biomed Eng 2017;2(1):e1

80360 12 12
Virtual Reality–Guided Meditation for Chronic Pain in Patients With Cancer: Exploratory Analysis of Electroencephalograph Activity

JMIR Biomed Eng 2021;6(2):e26332

2114 11 2
The Impact of Aging and Hand Dominance on the Passive Wrist Stiffness of Squash Players: Pilot Study

JMIR Biomed Eng 2019;4(1):e11670

1012 8 1
Innovation in Pediatric Medical Devices: Proceedings From The West Coast Consortium for Technology & Innovation in Pediatrics 2019 Annual Stakeholder Summit

JMIR Biomed Eng 2020;5(1):e17467

1673 7 2
High-Dimensional Analysis of Finger Motion and Screening of Cervical Myelopathy With a Noncontact Sensor: Diagnostic Case-Control Study

JMIR Biomed Eng 2022;7(2):e41327

153 7 0
Smartphone-Based Passive Sensing for Behavioral and Physical Monitoring in Free-Life Conditions: Technical Usability Study

JMIR Biomed Eng 2021;6(2):e15417

784 7 2
Point-of-Care Quantification of Serum Alpha-Fetoprotein for Screening Birth Defects in Resource-Limited Settings: Proof-of-Concept Study

JMIR Biomed Eng 2021;6(1):e23527

1002 7 1
Determining the Accuracy of Oculus Touch Controllers for Motor Rehabilitation Applications Using Quantifiable Upper Limb Kinematics: Validation Study

JMIR Biomed Eng 2019;4(1):e12291

3925 7 17
Measuring Heart Rate Variability in Free-Living Conditions Using Consumer-Grade Photoplethysmography: Validation Study

JMIR Biomed Eng 2020;5(1):e17355

2779 6 12
A Contact-Free, Ballistocardiography-Based Monitoring System (Emfit QS) for Measuring Nocturnal Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability: Validation Study

JMIR Biomed Eng 2020;5(1):e16620

3218 6 9
An Algorithm to Classify Real-World Ambulatory Status From a Wearable Device Using Multimodal and Demographically Diverse Data: Validation Study

JMIR Biomed Eng 2023;8(1):e43726

515 6 0
Reducing Treatment Burden Among People With Chronic Conditions Using Machine Learning: Viewpoint

JMIR Biomed Eng 2022;7(1):e29499

488 5 1
Detection of Mental Fatigue in the General Population: Feasibility Study of Keystroke Dynamics as a Real-world Biomarker

JMIR Biomed Eng 2022;7(2):e41003

302 5 0
Tracking the Presence of Software as a Medical Device in US Food and Drug Administration Databases: Retrospective Data Analysis

JMIR Biomed Eng 2021;6(4):e20652

688 5 0
Understanding “Atmosome”, the Personal Atmospheric Exposome: Comprehensive Approach

JMIR Biomed Eng 2021;6(4):e28920

552 4 0
Rhythmic Haptic Cueing for Gait Rehabilitation of People With Hemiparesis: Quantitative Gait Study

JMIR Biomed Eng 2020;5(1):e18649

724 4 2
Democratizing Global Health Care Through Scalable Emergent (Beyond the Mobile) Wireless Technologies

JMIR Biomed Eng 2022;7(1):e31079

515 4 1
Monitoring of Sitting Postures With Sensor Networks in Controlled and Free-living Environments: Systematic Review

JMIR Biomed Eng 2021;6(1):e21105

804 4 0
The Cole Relaxation Frequency as a Parameter to Identify Cancer in Lung Tissue: Preliminary Animal and Ex Vivo Patient Studies

JMIR Biomed Eng 2022;7(1):e35346

381 4 0

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